Prices and Payment Methods

• Prices displayed in currencies other than Japanese yen ($/HK$) are provided only as a guideline, and are calculated using a standard currency exchange rate.

• When paying in a currency other than Japanese yen, each credit card company or PayPal will apply their own currency exchange rate. This may therefore create a slight discrepancy between the above displayed prices and the actual amount paid.

• For more details, please check your statement or other information provided by your credit card company or PayPal.


Credit cards or PayPal.

Accepted credit cards
The following credit cards can be used. Please enter the card number, expiration date and the number of payments.
・American Express
・Diners Club

Number of payments
Single payment

- Please confirm the terms of use of the issuing credit card company before making credit card payments.
- Please note that for returned items, in some cases the amount is temporarily debited to the account before it is refunded.


Product information

Detailed product information is included on the page of each product. Feel free to click the “Inquire about this product” link on each product page if you have any questions about a specific product. If you’re concerned about the size and look when considering a product, please feel free to contact customer support.


The exact sizes found in the size chart on product pages follows the HÄP & CRAFT Online Shop Sizing Guide. Refer to the Sizing Guide for details on measurement locations.


Product images are as close to the colors of the actual product as possible. Even products may have the same color name, the actual coloring of each product differs, so be sure to check the images on the product page. Note that your monitor settings, viewing environment, mobile phone manufacturer, model, and screen settings may result in a color that differs from the actual product. Thank you for understanding.

Back orders (sent when stock arrives)

Items that can be back ordered are displayed when the stock shows as zero. Back ordered products are shipped as soon as sold-out items are restocked.

Checking back orders

Members can log in and check “Request History” in their member page to check the status of back orders.

  • If you would like to receive an email when products are restocked, please contact customer support. We will send an email as soon as the product is restocked.
  • Restock notification messages are sent once. If you would like to receive a notification for subsequent restocks, please let us know.
  • Please make sure to allow notifications from the “” domain so that you can receive emails from us.

How to care for Smile Cotton products

Threads on these products are made by twisting cotton fibers. Smile Cotton is made by reversing the twist and creating a layer of air between fibers, resulting in a fluffy, light, soft, cotton texture. Please keep the following points in mind when taking care of products made of this delicate material.

  • Turn Smile Cotton products inside out and wash them in a net, using neutral detergent.
  • Wash the product alone, and avoid soaking it.
  • Washing the product may result in shrinkage and skewing.
    Instead of a dryer, lightly wring the product out, then pull it into shape before hanging it to dry.
  • Pilling (hair balls that occur due to friction when wearing a garment) is an unavoidable characteristic of the material, and cannot be completely prevented. Instead of picking off any pilling, use a pair of scissors to cut each ball off.



HAP is an Old English word meaning good fortune or coincidence. HÄP expresses the thrilling and exciting feeling that something wonderful is going to happen.


Our items are overflowing with consideration like handmade items. It also expresses that we are a brand which is produced in co-creation together with the customers.

We chose the name HÄP & CRAFT with these two concepts in mind.

HÄP & CRAFT believes that precisely because they are children, it is important to let them experience and rear fine quality. All designs and patternmaking originate in Japan. The materials, too, are mostly Japanese ones selected with attention to detail. Pursuing the feeling of comfort in the real sense of the word for everyone regardless of country or age, we offer daily kids wear which will become more loved and cherished the longer it is worn. May HÄP & CRAFT be a companion of everyday smiles and growing sensitivity….


Order process (how to order)

Go to a product page and add an item to your cart.

After you’ve added all the items you want to purchase to your cart, check the cart, then click the [Proceed to Checkout] button at the bottom of the page.


If you are not logged in, log in, then fill in the “Delivery Information” and “Payment Information” fields, and click the [Next] button.


If you are not a registered member, fill in the “Customer Information”, “Delivery Information” and “Payment Information” fields, and click the [Next] button. If you would like to register as member before making a purchase, go to the membership signup page, fill in the “Delivery Information” and “Payment Information” fields, and click the [Next] button.

In the “Order Confirmation Page”, check the details of your order, then click the [Confirm Order] button to complete your order.

Order history

You can view order details and tracking numbers in the order confirmation email, shipment notification email, or your member page. You can check your order history and the shipment status of products in the “Order History” section of your member page.

Canceling an order

Cancellations are not accepted after the order confirmation email is sent. Thank you for understanding.

Shopping cart expiration date

Items in the HÄP & CRAFT Online Shop shopping cart expire after three days. If an item in your shopping cart is sold out during this time, an error message will appear the next time you access your cart, and the applicable sold out item will no longer be in the cart. After three days, all items in your shopping cart are automatically removed. Please note that there is no way to return items to your cart.

Note that placing items in your shopping cart does not reserve stock.


If you need a receipt, please contact customer support after your order is complete. When doing so, make sure to include your order number. Please note that we do not reissue receipts. Thank you for understanding.


How many days until products are delivered

Although it differs depending on your location, products are generally delivered within seven to ten business days after the order confirmation email is sent. Shipping status can be checked using the information included in the email after your items have been shipped. You can also check the shipping status in the order history and details on your member page. If for some reason you have not received your products after 12 days, please contact customer support.

  • Delivery times can be delayed due to traffic and weather conditions.
  • Preordered items are shipped as soon as the stock is received, however, deliveries may be delayed or earlier than expected due to production circumstances.
  • Two or more orders cannot be packaged as one order.

International taxes, tariffs, and customs clearance fees

When items are shipped, payments do not include DDU, VAT, tariffs, other taxes, or customs clearance fees. HÄP & CRAFT Online Shop does not collect these taxes. All taxes, tariffs, and customs clearance fees are the responsibility of the person receiving the products. For further information on the customs policies of the country you live in, contact your closest customs agency. For information on tariffs, taxes, and other fees collected upon delivery, please contact the delivery provider (SF Express or DHL).


Your order will be shipped by SF EXPRESS, EMS, YU-PACKET, or SAGAWA EXPRESS. A tracking number is provided in the notification email once your order has shipped. You can also check the shipping status in the order history and details on your member page.

Shipping and handling fees

Shipping is free of charge for orders over ¥10,000. Shipping fees differ depending on the delivery location. Please check the following fees table for further details.

[Shipping fees]

  • Hong Kong, Taiwan, China: ¥2,000
  • Japan: ¥350
  • Other parts of Asia: ¥2,500
  • Europe and the U.S.: ¥10,000

Tracking your order

To track your order, check the order shipment notification email for the required information (delivery provider and tracking number) and contact the closest branch of your delivery provider directly. The tracking number can also be found in the order history and details on your member page.

Shipping to Hong Kong

When shipping to Hong Kong, collection is recommended from an EF Locker or S.F.Store as operated by SF EXPRESS. There are more than 100 EF Locker and S.F.Store locations across Hong Kong, including on outlying islands, inside housing complexes, and inside shopping centers. Furthermore, almost all EF Lockers provide a pick-up service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please see below for details of the locations of each.

EF Locker Locations

S.F. Store Locations

After placing your order, you will receive an email containing a tracking number for your products. Then proceed to the above site and stipulate your desired EF Locker or S.F.Store. If you wish to perform tracking or make any changes, please do so yourself from the SF EXPRESS homepage.

Product packaging and gift wrapping

We ship orders in the minimal required packaging in order to reduce the impact on the environment. Unfortunately we do not offer normal gift wrapping. Thank you for understanding.


Unfortunately we will not be able to accept any returns or exchanges because of the customer's personal preferences. If you receive an incorrect item or an item that is damaged, please contact us immediately. Requests for returns have to be made within seven days after you receiving your order.Items must be unused and with all original tags attached.

Member Login

Member registration (free of charge)

You can register as a member on the membership signup page. Membership is free of charge. Registering as a member entitles customers to convenient, bargain services on HÄP & CRAFT Online Shop. Please note that you do not need to register as a member to place orders on HÄP & CRAFT Online Shop. Guests are welcome to make purchases as well.

Changing membership information or cancelling membership

You can change membership information or cancel your membership from the member page.


Enter your member ID and password on the login page to log in. Your member ID is your registered member ID or email address.

If you forget your password

You can reset your password on the password reset page.

If you forget your member ID or registered email address

Please contact customer support.

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The following is recommended for accessing our website.

■Operating system


Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Macintosh OSx or later


iPhone: iOS 9 or later, Android: OS5 or later

■Web browser


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later, latest version of Microsoft Edge, latest version of Google Chrome

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