Light and Soft Top can recommend to those with sensitive skin.


So fluffy, So comfy. Must be your favorite once you wear it.
Light and Soft Top can recommend to those with sensitive skin.

HAP&CRAFT launches tops can recommend to those with sensitive skin. So light and soft. So breathable and absorbent. Feels so comfy when skin touces clothes. Enjoy matching outfit of mom and kids.

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Cheering message

Very happy to encounter and buy a nice cloth for heart and skin! Looking forward to receiving it! :-)

Looked for baby clothes of good fabric and texture as a Newborn gift for a friend of mine. Looking forward to receiving it!

So comfortable to wear! I love it!

The texture is so nice and comfortable!

I support the brand's philosophy aiming at manufacturing clothes friendly to the environment of the earth and people.

I'm convinced this is the top brand in Japan in terms of the texture. I'm looking forward to the goods's arrival.

I'm looking forward to the clothes super comfortable!

I ordered for the birthday gift to my friend! I'm expecting your new items. I support you!


HÄP & CRAFT's commitment

✔We use SmileCotton® specially developed and manufactured to realize as soft texture as Kashimere.
✔We strive for quality and texture with sewing technique and simple design.

Striving for the best Fabric

SmileCotton® is more fluffy than any other existing cotton fabric. You'll be convinced at it once touch it. SmileCotton® company's expertise of cotton fabric acumulated over 40 years enabled this outstanding soft texture of highest quality fabric made in Japan, which is approved and recommended by Japan Athopic Association. That is the reason why HÄP & CRAFT use SmileCotton® for top which touches skin when wearing,

About SmileCotton®

Smile Cotton is the fabric developed under the concept which we realize the soft texture like Kashimere with cotton. Smile Cotton has been completed after thousands of improvement over 40 years. The texture is so soft as natural puffball that you want to feel it on your cheek once touch it. It is safe and comfortable even for kids with sensitive skin as it gives less stress to skin.


Commitment to Products


What is Smooth?

Fabric usually used for inner clothes. Ii is also called Double Jersey. It is flat and smooth fabric so that even the back side looks like the front side. It represents the good feature of SmileCotton® whice has outstanding softness and smoothness.


Detail of Design

Woven label on the neck back is sometimes itching. HÄP & CRAFT's Smooth Series don't use woven label but print the label on the fabric.


Outstanding sewing quality that covers and hides seam allowance minimizes stress to skin.


Looks casual with dropped shoulder seams. Feels relaxed with its loose-fitting size.

Product Lineup


What is Fleece?

Fabric usually used for sweatshirt. Back side consists of upright loops and it makes fluffy texture of SmileCotton®. It looks a bit heavy but SmileCotton® uses light yarn so that it is so comfy to wear.


Detail of Design

Foodie is one of the basic items and the texture is so fluffy and comfy that kids must be eager to wear it everyday. Pile fabric of the back is also made so soft and light that you can wear it relaxed.


Fluffy and soft. The best texture of pile fabric.


Stitch and elbow patch which remind Vintage sweatshirt


Double layered hoodie but fluffy and light


Remove the string around foodie considering the safety of children.

Product Lineup