Caring for the Environment

Caring for the Environment

In the pursuit of human-friendly manufacturing, we are also aiming at providing products that are friendly to the environment. As part of this pursuit, we eliminate waste such as labels.

Often, several labels can be found attached to the clothes that you see in various shops. While these labels contain important information for the customer, they are not often kept, thus they could be considered a waste of resources. Therefore, HÄP & CRAFT has adopted the “IoTAG,” which allows customers to check methods of care and the characteristics of the material via their smartphone, thanks to a QR code printed next to the IoTAG’s laundry symbols, etc. In this way, customers can easily check information about the clothing item at any time from any place. In addition, the information can be viewed in Japanese, English, and Chinese—which makes it easy for most any customer to quickly and easily obtain information on methods of care. While providing enhanced convenience and taking the environment into consideration, we will continue to do everything we can to protect the natural world around us.