About us

About us

HÄP & CRAFT is a kids clothing brand launched by a Japanese apparel maker founded in 1950. All of our clothes are created with the knowledge and experience unique to a manufacturer and, above all, with plenty of love and care. Pursuing wearing comfort from all perspectives while placing importance on the feeling on the skin and on functionality, we provide fine, top-quality children's clothes that become more cherished each time they are worn.


HÄP & CRAFT believes that it is important to let children experience “fine quality” and for them to develop an awareness of quality levels at a young age. Against this backdrop, all of our designs and patterns originate in Japan—a place renowned for quality—and the materials used are only the best that Japan has to offer. Pursuing a feeling of comfort in the real sense of the word, for everyone, regardless of location or generation, we offer daily kids clothing that is simple and that exhibits great attention to detail.


HAP is an Old English word meaning “good fortune” or “coincidence.” HÄP expresses the thrilling and exciting feeling that something wonderful is going to happen.


This word brings to mind the “overflowing charm” of handmade items—and we’ve brought this charm to a line of kids clothing. “Craft” also conjures up images of working with others. We thus hope that we can "build this brand together" with our customers.

We chose the name HÄP & CRAFT with these two concepts in mind, and we hope that HÄP & CRAFT can be a companion to everyday smiles and growing awareness.